3 Benefits

3 Major Features 

Program (1 hour)

  1. (5 minutes) Greetings
  2. (15 minutes) K-pop or K-dram & learn 10 new words
  3. (25 minutes) Intensive Korean Practice from the book Sejong Korean Conversation
  4. (10 minutes) About food, festivals, history and traditions through YouTube videos, Google maps or photos
  5. (5 minutes) QnA, summary and homework

We listen to a K-pop song like this below, understand lyrics and learn words and the culture from the song.

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What Our Students Say

I have attended private classes with Eungul Cho to learn Korean. I recently completed Level 1 of his Korean class and the time has been invaluable, positive, fun and very educational. The class time flies by.  Eungul is very patient, personable and engaging. We covered an amazing amount of material in Unit 1 course, yet I felt the pace was just right. In between classes I was assigned homework that focused my attention on the key points from each class.  This kept me accountable for practicing every day and has helped me develop good habits to continue my learning journey.  Although I have much more to learn Eungul’s classes increased my enthusiasm for learning Korean. I am looking forward to resuming my classes soon. I highly recommend taking his classes! It’s well with the investment. I’m looking forward to visiting Korea even more now!

Shellye Andrus, Standard Home Sales

He is a very good teacher, caring, passionate, friendly and systematic. It was very fun to learn Korean from him.

Madan Tamang, Bucheon Casting

Our Students’ Appreciate Us.

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February 22nd, 2022|

consonant+이에요 e.g. ‘이영숙이에요 심청이에요로   vowel+예요 ‘철수예요, 김철수예요, 김소이예요’. In conversation, you usually say without saying a last name. (As [...]


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