I have met many who studied Korean only to be FRUSTRATED.

녕하세요! I am a language enthusiast. Born and raised in Korea, I learned English first and then Japanese. Later, I learned Nepali, which I have made to the point I won’t forget. Now I must say I speak 3.5 languages.  Been there, done that.

It wasn’t always easy, but I can never imagine speaking only language. Speaking a foreign language is such a fun and rewarding thing. It enlightens our life! When somebody asks me, ‘What is your secret to speaking English as a Korean born and raised in Korea?’ I need 3 hours to explain, however, if I should explain briefly, I would say this.

You need both discipline and joy.

Practice Korean so you can interact with Korean people, understand culture and grow in your life. Join us and enjoy the journey together.

This is how I learned other languages.

Systematic, disciplined, but also happy and reawarding

If you are interested in learning Korean, don’t be discouraged by the challenges that come with learning a new language. Even someone who is trilingual like me struggled with English at first. However, with dedication and effort, I was able to master it, and you can too. Starting early, practicing with recordings and native speakers, and setting goals for yourself can all help you progress quickly.

As you continue to learn Korean, remember to focus on the sounds of the language and use practical tips like shadow reading and answering in full sentences. With the right guidance and support, you can become fluent in Korean, just like I did. I offer a study guide and practical tips for my students, and I believe that caring for your students is the most important factor in teaching a language. So don’t be afraid to start learning Korean and don’t give up. With time and effort, you can achieve your language learning goals.

Korean 97%
English 95%
Nepali 80%
Japanese 30%
Craziness 99%

Why Eungul is a legit teacher

I know what you need because I have already achieved it.



Teaching a language should be regarded carefully. Learning Korean shouldn’t be too serious or too entertainment-centered. Don’t learn Korean from anybody who teaches Korean without a solid plan.


Teach Proper Korean

We care ♥. Don’t learn Korean from just anybody who does not know how to teach properly. Even if you make a mistake, he/she will just skip over your mistakes.


Been there, done that

We know your potential struggle. Learn from somebody who has made lots of efforts in learning and teaching. You will be able to learn from him/her.

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