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    This is Eungul. I am organizing a language exchange class. I have found one study partner for Japanese. We are going to meet on zoom to practice Japanese as we are both sort of at post-beginner’s level I guess.

    I am thinking of doing this for 45 minutes or so and then English for intermediate and advanced for the next 45 minutes on Sunday roughly at 12 pm Paris time and 7 pm Korean time.

    Korean class will be available upon request.

    We are considering either Minna no nihonggo or NHK series. For NHK series, we can cover around 8 lessons as most of the videos are quite easy.

    0. Study beforehand by listening and reading aloud 3-5 times at home by yourself.
    1. Listen to the recording or watch a video.
    2. Each learner read out loud the text or role play.
    3. Shadow read.
    4. The teacher asks students questions and the students do the same for each other.
    5. Freely converse.

    Tell me what you think.

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