Learn Korean Fast and Fun


Slowly with no burden



2-15 people

1 hour / once a week / 4 lessons a month

Learn Korean slowly &  lightly

Study 2 pages in each lesson

No burden No pressure

Learn everything in class

Casual but practical






2-5 people

1.5 hours / once a week / 4 lessons a month

Fast and Fun

Study half a unit in each lesson

Lots of engagement with the students

Intensive practice

Videos on Korea




Learn Korean ppali ppali!

Life is short. Let’s learn Korean ppali ppali!

We will take care of the rest.


Where do our Korean lessons happen?


Through this class could I be fluent in Korean? Flip this

Yes, definitely. Remember, though, it is only with enough focused practice that your Korean can improve quickly.

Taking this course simply does not make you speak Korean fluently.

However, we are more assured than anybody else that you will absolutely have a good command of Korean

if you study in our system through our guide. We will show you the right path and you do your part. :)

Will I be able to learn Korean well?

Yes, definitely! Read the following page >>> How to Learn Korean Effectively



Common Key Features of Our Classes

Our Passion and Love Toward Our Students is The Key To the Course



Pause and Enjoy the music :)

Sejong Korean Conversation


What books do you use?

세종한국어회화 series like the picture above!

  • All the e-books and mp3 recordings are available free of charge.
  • The ebooks are only viewable due to copyright issue.
  • We strongly recommend that you buy the physical book soon, but for a fast start, you can start using the e-book book for your course.
  • You can view the ebooks without login but you must be a member to download mp3 recordings.
  • How to access them. GO!
  • Click the link below for the access to the ebooks and the mp3 recordings.
Check Out Textbook


Currently, we believe Sejong Korean Conversation is the best Korean language study book on the market. We are always trying out different textbooks to see which gives students the greatest progress in the shortest amount of time.

These books are not as expensive as other well known, but overpriced university press releases in Korea. It’s also available to view online as an e-book with a working internet connection. While the books are not yet available for digital download, the audio recordings are available for download without charge. There are a number of pictures to assist you in understanding while the books of levels 9-12 are designed to help your natural conversation ability.

What about Talk To Me In Korean? That book is famous!

We have decided against Talk to me in Korean book series because it is a grammar oriented book. Their fame among Korean language learners is thanks to their long standing research, clean design, and of course a little marketing help. 

When it comes to basic linguistic principles, focusing on grammar explanations is not the best practice when you start off. We find that using visual aids and frequent listening practice via recordings will help more with building natural conversation skills. Ironically the focus on grammar is how we in Korea learn English, yet not many can speak the language very well, even after years of studying in school and in private academies.


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Refund Policy

  • Group classes have rules for minimum and maximum number of students. So it is fairly complicated to deal with refund.
  • 1 week before the first class, we will issue a refund after deducting $30 handling fees.
  • No refunds are issued for any reason after the first class.

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