Lesson Summary

  1. $129
  2. 1 hour / once a week / 4 lessons a month
  3. 2-7 people
  4. You can start anytime.

Program (1 hour)

  1. (5 minutes) Greetings
  2. (15 minutes) K-pop or K-dram & learn 10 new words
  3. (25 minutes) Intensive Korean Practice from the book Sejong Korean Conversation
  4. (10 minutes) About food, festivals, history and traditions through YouTube videos, Google maps or photos
  5. (5 minutes) QnA, summary and homework


  1. Level 1 – Sejong Korean Conversation 1
  2. Level 2 – Sejong Korean Conversation 2
  3. Level 3 – Sejong Korean Conversation 3
  4. Level 4 – Sejong Korean Conversation 4
  5. Level 5 – Handouts + Korean Dramas/Movies

*For self level test to evaluate your Korean level yourself. Click Here

Classes Available in March and April

  • Tues, 4:00 pm, KST (Korean Standard Time Zone)
  • Currently at Unit 1, Book 1 (March, 2023)
  • For other times, contact us.
Sejong Korean Conversation


What books do you use?

세종한국어회화 series like the picture above!

  • We use Sejong Korean Conversation series, books 1-4.
  • All the e-books and mp3 recordings are available free of charge.
  • The ebooks are only viewable due to copyright issue.
  • We strongly recommend that you buy the physical book soon, but for a fast start, you can start using the e-book book for your course.
  • You can view the ebooks without login but you must be a member to download mp3 recordings.
  • How to access them. GO!
  • Click the link below for the access to the ebooks and the mp3 recordings.
Check Out Textbook

Why Sejong Korean Conversation?

Currently, we believe Sejong Korean Conversation is the best Korean language study book on the market. We are always trying out different textbooks to see which gives students the greatest progress in the shortest amount of time.

These books are not as expensive as other well known, but overpriced university press releases in Korea. It’s also available to view online as an e-book with a working internet connection. While the books are not yet available for digital download, the audio recordings are available for download without charge. There are a number of pictures to assist you in understanding while the books of levels 9-12 are designed to help your natural conversation ability.

When it comes to basic linguistic principles, focusing on grammar explanations is not the best practice when you start off. We find that using visual aids and frequent listening practice via recordings will help more with building natural conversation skills. Ironically the focus on grammar is how we in Korea learn English, yet not many can speak the language very well, even after years of studying in school and in private academies.

Common Key Features of Our Classes

Our Passion and Love Toward Our Students is The Key To the Course


Frequently Asked Questions

It really depends on you, but we recommend studying 1 hour, 6 days a week.

Not exactly, so don’t panic! Before we start, your Korean abilities have to be assessed so that we can have lessons at the appropriate level. Sejong (1397-1450) was the fourth king of the Joseon dynasty, best known for, among other accomplishments, commissioning the Hangeul writing script that is used in Korea to this very day.

No. All of our classes are a group class. You can jump right into any existing classes. Let’s think of one example. You are level 1 based upon the self-assessment test and you want to start taking a class right away. The only class you can join is at 9 am on Thursdays and the students taking that class are at unit 8 out of 14 units. It is perfectly fine for you to join them. Why? Because unit 8 doesn’t necessarily mean that it is much more difficult that unit 1, so you can actually study any unit. (Book2 is more difficult that book1, though) Besides, you will be able to find a class that will start from the very first unit in the future. If not, we will help you to cover all the units that you have not studied:units 1-8. Getting started with a lesson as early as possible is important with your Korean language journey!

We accept PayPal and any types of money transfer. We are going to send you the payment information through email.

Regarding Hangeul, the Korean Alphabet

Hangeul is the foundation on which the Korean language is learned. If you don’t know it, although we include Hangeul lessons at level 1, we strongly recommend learning it before you start off with us! Fortunately, Hangeul was designed so that people of all backgrounds can learn easily and quickly, including you!

A foundation in Hangeul will allow you to study and learn Korean effectively. Moreover, it is far more efficient in terms of cost and time. The difference is truly night and day.

We are happy to teach you from 기억 to 히읗, but it is best to pave your own way in building the foundations of the language with the Hangeul writing system. Again, we still offer a Hangeul class, though. Once you have mastered Hangeul, any word, expression, or grammar structure can be asked for the answer, and we assure you that those answers will stick.

You will eventually have to press on without us and someday when you are in the middle of Seoul, or when you are sending messages to a Korean friend on KakaoTalk, we hope you’ll have the self-confidence and determination to take your Korean language ability to the next level.

Refund Policy

  • Group classes have rules for minimum and maximum number of students. So it is fairly complicated to deal with refund.
  • 1 week before the first class, we will issue a refund after deducting $30 handling fees.
  • No refunds are issued for any reason after the first class.

For booking and questions

Send me a message through WhatsApp or KakaoTalk

  • WhatsApp: +82 10 9797 8756

  • Kakaotalk ID: eungulcho